Illumination Innovation

The innovation of light throughout history tells a beautiful story. From candles to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting; the continual series of small improvements on ideas of previous inventors throughout time drove the evolution of light sources used in the home.

In the industrial world, we’re tasked to illuminate target areas in need of detailed examination. Likewise, this responsibility demands continuous innovation to redefine efficiency, portability and heavy duty illumination.

Meet the iShot® UV-LED and UV/White LED Light Source Kits. These kits combine state-of-the-art, solid-state illumination technology with distinct optical design to create a compact and lightweight UV light source for industrial applications where space is a premium.

Redefine the light source kit that meets your application and project budget:
  • Compact – Optimal, cutting edge design with a small footprint
  • Long LED Life – Draws low power and has an average life rated at 10,000+ hours without lamp change
  • Plug & Play – Ready-to-use kits are “instant-on” with no warm-up required and include a power cord, power supply and light guide receptacle
  • Certified Compliance – Certified in compliance with following EMC and safety specs: UL/EN/CSA 61010, IEC 61347, IEC 62471 and CE

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The Block Camera Integration Story

In our industry, it’s so often that a camera’s true beauty lies within its application. When it comes to our suite of block cameras, this couldn’t ring more true. You see, out of the box these cameras cannot even be turned on – let alone perform in any application. It takes engineering ingenuity and expert integration with other component solutions (interface boards, housings, custom designs, other accessories, etc.) for their true beauty to be revealed.

With such an awesome reach across diverse applications and capabilities, opportunities are limitless. Each application creates its own integration story, let us show you:

At InterTest, we pride ourselves on delivering visual solutions that help you make the most out of your block camera. We can collaborate with your engineering team – or handle every aspect of the design and integration ourselves, so you won’t have to. Whatever your concept, we will help you bring it to reality!

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The Dirt on License Plate Recognition

Intertest Inc. develops camera technology to efficiently read license plates

Ever wonder how you get those speeding or toll both traffic violation tickets in the mail? Small, automated camera technologies are big players in the world of license plate recognition (LPR). LPR cameras provide a clean look at your plates even when you haven’t been to the car wash in ages. Intertest Inc. has been working closely with customers to develop accurate and resource-minimizing LPR board-level cameras for license plate reads in all kinds of conditions.

A major challenge in LPR is using a single camera to recognize various license plate characters in different environments. For instance, it might be easy to set a camera to read a clean, dirt-free plate. But that same camera setting would have difficulty in reading the same plate if it were covered in dirt or soot. It is possible to send commands to the camera to constantly change shutter and illumination settings to adjust to each plate, but that drastically burdens the resources of the camera processor. To overcome these LPR challenges, the new, sequential shutter mode was developed. This allows one camera to automatically and constantly change shutter speeds without utilizing commands from the processor. This gives an LPR camera the ability to differentially read clean and dirty license plates.

Testing is proving to be super satisfactory with board-level cameras making the final camera units smaller and the final images crisper!

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Breaking ground in the EU

Sean Kim
EU Business Development Manager

Exciting things are happening at InterTest and we are thrilled to share that we’ve launched a new sales division in the EU! We welcomed Sean Kim to our sales team and he is leading this division from a remote London location. Along with expertise in international business development and OEM supply, Sean has over 12 years of experience in the imaging industry across industrial, security, and machine vision applications. His extensive background in camera components and technology gives InterTest a tremendous advantage in serving customers throughout EMEA and Asia.

Innovative projects are underway and we can’t wait to share news and updates as these efforts unfold. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Sean to the team. If you are a customer within the EMEA and Asia regions, reach out and let us hear from you. We are focused on the visual solutions of tomorrow and have your complete visual solution!


iShot® iGrab™ FOSAR Manual Retrieval Tool Kits – 5 Piece Set

Our iShot® iGrab™ FOSAR Manual Retrieval Tool Kit is equipped with all the necessary tools needed for removing foreign objects in a small, inaccessible area. The Manual Retrieval Kit includes Fork & Tine, Gripping Pliers, Viper, Snare, 1/4-inch Magnet and storage case.  Kits are available in 6 lengths – 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet .


  • Convenient All-In-One Kit Includes Fork & Tine, Gripping Pliers, Viper, Snare, Magnet and Storage Case
  • Available in 6 lengths – 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • For some FOSAR applications, the retrieval tool operates in conjunction with a video probe (see description for details)
  • The custom Plunger Style Retrieval Tool Handle designed for the iShot Retrieval Tools transfers excellent gripping power to the retrieval head
  • Flexibility of the stainless steel body allows for the retrieval instrument to bends and twist through the narrowest passages
  • Our 15 and 25 foot Kits are Commonly in Stock

Full HD Micro Camera! iShot® Full HD 15mm Micro Camera System

Full HD Micro Camera with a 15mm OD for Industrial OEM Integrations

InterTest introduces the iShot Full HD micro camera with a 15mm OD camera head, camera control unit, Display DVR, A variety of cable lengths and lenses to suit your specific application.

Full HD Micro Camera

Our full HD micro camera system provides a highly detail image boasting a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 with 60 fps in a compact housing measuring only 15mm OD x 36.5mm. Our desktop CCU is available as stationary or can be upgraded to portable, 8 hour battery life. Full HD 7″ portable display with DVR captures inspection video or still images.

iShot® 7mm Micro Camera for Industrial Custom Integrations – QN43H

The iShot 7mm micro camera with 7mm outer diameter camera head was designed for easy integration into custom systems or used as a standalone camera. Small size and various adaptable mainboards enable the EM-QN43H 7mm micro camera to be used in a wide range of applications.


7mm Micro Camera

The iShot 7mm micro camera is capable of gathering high quality video in low light conditions including wet, submersible, hazardous, high-temperature, radiation and EMI-prone environments. Intertest offers a series of system components designed specifically for the QN43H micro cameras. The components available accomplish sophisticated tasks beyond the range of traditional camera accessories.

Cabling is available in PVC or Teflon® in lengths of 3.5M or 15M. The Teflon® cable option operates in environments up to 550F (290C).

The iShot 7mm micro camera is fully compatible with the Toshiba IK-CU44A CCU and the Elmo CC431E CCU. The iShot 7mm Micro camera head replaces the ELMO QN42H and the Toshiba IK-SM43H.

7mm Micro Camera in Rugged housing and Cabling.

iShot Compact Micro Camera, 10mm OD 1/4″ CCD Sensor Remote Head Color Camera, NTSC

The integrated and modified Sentech STC-R640 remote head color micro camera features NTSC 480 TV Line version of the remote CCU, a 1/4″ CCD Sensor, Composite & Y/C Video output, Active Picture Element of 768 (H) x 494 (V). The STC-R640 micro camera is compatible with a wide variety of modified mating cable, lenses, and other accessories. Cable lengths are available in 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 Meters.


  • Integrated Sentech STC-R640
  • Remote head color camera
  • NTSC 480 TV Line version of the remote CCU
  • 1/4″ CCD Sensor
  • Composite & Y/C Video output
  • Active Picture Element of 768 (H) x 494 (V)
  • Minimum Scene Illumination – 1.11 Lux @ F1.2 (AGC=ON)
  • CCU and cable lengths available in 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 Meters
  • Ask us about custom remote head pigtail cable lengths

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iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System with 12mm Camera Head

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is a compact, Full HD 12mm diameter camera head on a 3 or 5-meter cable, lens and camera control unit perfect for monitoring and inspection needs. This versatile system delivers up to 1080i/30fps HD resolution on any HDMI monitor. The easy-to-use camera control unit gives the user zoom, shutter speed, white balance, gain and exposure manual control as well as offering automatic control settings. The system is powered through a USB port or a wall AC Adaptor.

The Full HD micro camera head is 12mm in diameter (.500”) with a 1/3” CMOS sensor and comes with 4 options of lenses: 3.1mm, 6mm, 16mm, or 30mm focal length. Lenses have manual aperture control and are easily interchangeable.

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is ideal for remote visual inspection or machine vision in manufacturing/production, aerospace, and power generation applications.

InterTest®, Inc. Announces The First iShot® Full HD PTZ Camera – Introducing the iShot® PTZ-550A HD Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera System

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD Camera System is InterTest’s first Full HD 1080p Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera.  The video output of the system is a component video signal (YPbPr) the camera head can be submerged in up to 100 feet of water.

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD camera system uses Sony’s FCB-EV7500 HD camera module which has a 30x optical zoom lens and over three million pixels. The Full HD PTZ camera is equipped with a full suite of automatic and manual settings for exposure values, Day/Night mode, zoom, focus, auto focus, and image stabilization which are accessible from the onscreen menu as well as specific buttons built onto the controller for quick changes.

The system can fit through 5.5 inches openings and is 7.2lbs (Camera Head) The Full HD PTZ 550A HD camera head has the ability to Pan continuously 360 degrees, as well as Tilt 245 Degrees.  The Full HD PTZ head of the camera is outfitted with two 35 Watt Halogen Lamps, one with a spot reflector the other with a flood reflector.  Each light is independently controlled, allowing the user to manually adjust lighting to dynamic environments.

The system includes the PTZ-550A HD Camera Head Assembly with integrated Sony FCB-EH7500, a Control Box for manipulation of the mechanical motions, the lighting system, and the advanced controls of the Full HD PTZ camera module itself. Also included is a 100 ft. Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable with deployment reel.

The PTZ-550A HD is easily implemented onto pre-existing mounting mechanism and was designed with being easily retrofitted to pre-existing inspection stations.


Common applications for the PTZ-550A HD include Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, Large Pipe Inspections, Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, and Tanks and Vessels. Some other non-nuclear applications include Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Fuel tank inspection and any kind of application where human access is either dangerous or impossible.